Pay it Forward Program
The Free Charity Show Program Pay it Forward

For 2015 the Oklahoma Kid  developed a new program that will allow him and
others to benefit the community. For each show that is arranged an additional
appearance or presentation will be granted to the charity choice. It could be
anything from a hospital visit to a charity fund raiser. The Oklahoma Kid have
been involved in many charities over the years like the Infant Crises Center, O.U.
Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society, Endeavor Games, and may more.

  The program is available till all the available time slots are filled.

Recently Oklahoma Kid visited Bethany Broncos (Bethany, OK) public
School. The visit to the school was a huge success thanks to Mr. Reuben
Bellows, Barbara George and friends. After the appearing at the school
Kid stopped by Donald W. Reynolds Children's Center in Bethany and
visited the children.
The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital has a rich
history dating back to 1898 when Mattie Mallory, our founder,
felt God's call to help the orphans of Oklahoma City. Through
the years the mission has changed, but the primary focus on
the well-being of children has always followed Mattie's basic
principles based on faith, hope and love.
Mattie Mallory
O.U. Children's Hospital
Oklahoma City O.K.
Phone: 405-465-0022
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