Tipton will expertly keep your audiences focus, get your message across, and carry out his
role with perfect timing, guaranteeing that the whole occasion is a success.

Bound to captivate with his witty humor and magnetic stage persona Tipton is renowned for
his uncanny ability humor audiences while performing amazing lasso spinning stunts with
ropes up to 100/feet long. No one since Will Rogers had the ability to entertain like that until
now. As a professional entertainer, Tipton will delight attendees at your celebrations as he
twirls his rope flawlessly from one trick to the next as audiences listen and watch with

Articulate, creative, and unforgettable, this skilled presenter will make all the difference for
your special occasion, and is ideal for ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate events, launches
and private parties, conferences and about any gathering of any theme, is now available to
book for events worldwide.
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Tipton Production is the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your guests engaged. Our
experience over decades has equipped us with the skill to provide you with the best possible
entertainment available that guest have never seen and will love.  Tipton's family has been in
business for over 100 years dating back five generation to Buffalo and Pawnee Bill Wild West
shows.  Always popular, this modern day Cowboy Entertainer offers something for everyone
and with his dynamic presenting style, demonstrating his talents as an humorist and trick
roper with a fantastic set of skills that is certain to have mass appeal. A professional performer
committed to making every occasion a memorable experience, this master of ceremonies and
entertainment specialist is bound to be the highlight of your celebrations. Versatile and
creative, Tipton has an extensive event hosting background, having entertained audiences
around the world at all manner of occasions. Building an instant rapport with guests, he
brings passion and energy to every performance, and can easily adapt  any situation, insuring
that your event is in safe hands.
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Real Western Cowboy Entertainment with huge verity of Western Party Performers  – Dallas - Fort
Worth Style Western Entertainment, Entertainers / Performers for your Oklahoma or Western Party /
Parties, Old West Festival , County / State Fair, Western Special Event / Heritage  Show, Cowboy
Parties, Quinceanera, Western Special Event, Gunfighters Show,  Gunfight Show, Dallas Gunfighters /
Performers Show, Saloon Girls Entertainers Show, Nation Wide Line Dancers Entertainment Shows as
well as the Traditional  Oklahoma and Dallas - Fort Worth Texas Heritage Entertainment Favorites:
Armadillo Races, Tall Cowboy Stilt Walker, Mechanical Bull Riding,
Trick Roper / Roping,  Gun
Spinning Cowboy, Living Cowboy Statue,  Gambler Magician, Texas Hold’em – Poker , Wanted Poster
Photos, Old West Can Can Dancers, Quick Draw Challenge, Cowboy Skills Show, Mexican Charro  
Entertainment, Folkloric dancing & County and Western Music Bands & Performers.  

You name it and our western entertainment planners have it, everything from Gunfighters, Saloon girls,
Native American & Mexican Folkloric Dancers, Western Dance Instructors, Coyote Ugly style dancers,
Wrangler dance group, Mechanical Bull Riding complete with rodeo backdrop, 1880'S Medicine Man
Magicians, Authentic Stage Coach Rides, Costumed Wanted Poster Photos, Old West Quick Draw
Challenge, Strolling Singing Cowboys & Cowgirls, Trick Ropers, Live longhorn Steer Photos and yes
even  Armadillo racing! The gangs all here waiting to entertain at your next Western Event!

Call Us Today and let one of our experienced Country & Western coordinators start planning your next
western entertainment experience you guest will be talking about for years to come!
Tipton Productions

Cowboy Comedian bring guest on stage for some fun in good taste.
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Line Dancing Instruction
Live authentic Native
American dancers
representing each
tribe in the sate of
Native Drummer Singer
Marty spins over 100' Foot of Trick Rope during his
performance of for his show.
Marty Tipton
Trick Roping Humorist
Here is photo of Lottery
Commission Annual Banquet
and a representative from
each Native American Tiber
representing in Oklahoma  
attended.  United States
Mexico and Canada. Tipton
Wild West Extravaganza
included over 100 Native
American Dancers
representing every tribe in