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Fourth-generation Wild West showman Marty Tipton, aka “The Oklahoma Kid,” carries
on the family business with style. The trick-roping humorist and professional cowboy
has performed thousands of shows across the nation, adding his own chapter to his
storied pedigree with his sharp wit and astonishing rope spinning skills.
Tipton started training while growing up on the legendary 101 Ranch in Ponca City
Oklahoma, were he heard stories passed down to him from his great-grandfather who
worked with Buffalo Bill and Geronimo in the 101 Wild West Shows.  His his grandfather
performed in the 1930s for Pawnee Bill Wild West Shows. In the 1990s Marty's father
reopened the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show in Pawnee Oklahoma were it still runs today
and if that were not enough he even has relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by
way of his grandmother McSpadden. One might think spinning lassos is embedded in
Tipton’s DNA.

His first trick roping rodeo performance was in 1978, at the 101 Ranch Rodeo, when he
was 9 years old, but he started performing at age 5, tap dancing and jazz dancing. By
age 8, his “hobo act” made the top 10 best acts in a national talent contest which is
todays version of America Got Talent. Also while very young he competed by riding
bucking ponies in grade school, then graduating to bulls in high school were he joined
the National Rodeo Association. When he was 16 Marty left Texas were he trained
under eight-time world champion Donnie Gay. While in Texas he learned a little about
Bull Fighting and went on to be a bullfighter and rodeo clown for Wrangler company
for a few years out of high school. Part of the rodeo clown act required him to be
“shot” in the rear end with a shotgun. At the right moment, Tipton would hit an igniter
that would blow up the seat of his pants. “Sometimes, my shirt would catch on fire and I
would have to roll around a bit, and a lot of the time I got burnt. But it was a great act,”
he remembers. It wasn't long before Marty had the itch for a more direct interactive
stage performances so he started perfecting his trick roping and stage presence skills.
Over the years Marty has performed in everything form professional sports half time
shows to  Broadway hit like the Will Rogers Follies and American the Beautiful.
2016 has proved to be on of his best years ever performing for many Fortune 500
companies and festivals through out the United States.
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