Wild West Side Show
Major Gordon W. Lilllie
Senator J. Berry Harrison
Dallas Tye & Oklahoma Kid
Pawnee Bill Wild West Show
Tipton Performed as a Trick Roper for the
Show for several years
Kingfisher Oklahoma
Kid was invited by the Oklahoma Historical Society
to preform lasso spinning and tell the history of the
cowboys who traveled down the Chimholm Trail
Here is The Oklahoma Kid and Dallas
with the World Famous Montie Montana
Jr. At Claremore who taught then trick
roping and lasso spinning
Hollywood stunt double for
take on some out-laws
Oklahoma  Summer Reading Programs
Expert Rope Spinning Lesson with Stories of the Wild West
Oklahoma Kid's Aunt Edna
is the Third Generation of Trick
roping performer
Michal Wallace and The Oklahoma Kid
Together for an  Autograph Signing at the
Rout 66 Festival in Clinton with about 30,000
in attendance
Michael Is an acclaimed Writer and also The
Voice of the Police Car in the Walt Disney
Movie  CAR'S
Student of The Oklahoma Kid
The Oklahoma Kid and Oklahoma
County Sheriff John Whetsel

Supporting Camp Cavet
for Patients of OU Medical Center
Children's Hospital
Tipton Performes Lasso Spinning
Drinking Bear ~ The 101 Ranch
The Oklahoma Kid performed lasso rope spinning
Judge Tim Leonard family gathering
Tipton cowboy comedian World
Championship Chip throwing contest in
Beaver Oklahoma came as far away as
Australia and Germany. It turned out to be
one of the best Championships ever held.
Former Mayor Daniel P. O'Neil of
awards banquet for the  Historical
Society. The Oklahoma Kid was a
Guest speaker and Trick Roping
Performer along with Dr. Bob
Blackburn Executive Director of the
Oklahoma Historical Society

He has made a life out of cowboy lasso
Spinning and helping others to feel better
about them selfs.
Kid performed at a National Talent show and
made the top 10 cut and went on to nationals.

Kid opened with lasso rope spinning for country
music legend Les Gilliam the The Poncan Theater
opened in 1927.  Will Rogers himself performed
at the theater along with many other glory and
shows can be seen there today.
Jari and the Oklahoma Kid attended The
Stratford were he taught her how to trick rope
That year the crops didn't come so most of
farmers went broke. Kid held an auction selling
what little peached the year . Peach baskets
sold for $300 to $400 a bunch to help his charity.
Oklahoma University Medical Center
Kid is a supporter of the medical center and is involved in the arrival of
the new doctors who serve our community. Kid has a station for all the
doctors during orientation were they become filmier with out community
and culture here in Oklahoma and even taught them trick roping
Tipton supports Veterans
by lasso spinning at the Endeavor
Games Opening Ceremony and at the
Altas Military Rodeo. He has stated
that he will go where ever necessary
to help out those in need and help
supporting out troops and raising
spirits by cowboy lasso spinning
where ever nessary.
Dressed in full regalia and is one of
the representatives of his Native
American tribe.
Agriculture and Kid
Agri - Tourism
Tipton performed cowboy
rope tricks and lasso
Smoky the Bear and former Governor Brad Henry
alongside Tipton at the 4th July at Freedom Fest
Tipton walked the parade spinning lasso for their
Muskogee Festival
in the Park were he
performed cowboy rope tricks
Visit were Oklahoma Kid
and the OU Medical Center
Lasso spinning
Trick Roping is for all
Christian School Performance
Edmond Oklahoma
Was the Live western cowboy
Humorist performer for their school.
Meals on Wheels in the St. Louis,
Missouri Fund Raiser
Kid has helped raise money for
meals on wheels program every
since the government has drooped
all assistance with the program St.
Louis was in trouble and ran out of
funds so for the elderly who had no
way to eat except for the program
Ponca City OK
Marland Mansion
The Oklahoma Kid
sponsoring the New
Ride at Frontier City
Amusement Park in
Oklahoma City.
It is said to be
like riding a trick
rope spinning
sister Angie and Arron at the
2009 Arts Festival. Angie and
Arron are accomplished
musicians on there way to up
to becoming Americas top
performing artist.
Open Rodeo Performance
Oklahoma Kid and Rumbel Oklahoma city
Thunders Mascot Roping together
Tumble Weeds in Still Water
Tipton cowboy comedian
hosted Travel Network

Traveling Across America  at
Tipton performed lasso rope spinning with other guest
John Conlee and Bellamy Brothers for the Elk city Rodeo.
Trick Roping and Lasso Spinning at the
Early Childhood Learning Center
You can see Kid trick roping on the side of the statue in front of Shawnee OK City Hall for Oklahoma's
Centennial Anniversary, and on the other side a portrait of former Governor Brad Henry.
Marty " I appreciate being for ever immortalized on a horse but roping for me is something I do because
its what I know. The grand people of Shawnee Chamber and Main Street work hard to keep improving on
this town and thy are doing a fine job of it from what I can see, Good luck and God Bless you all"
Marty Tipton The
Oklahoma Kid Saddle
Bronc Rider and Trick
Roping were a hard
Elk City 75th Anniversary Rodeo
Erected at Shawnee City Hall
of Oklahoma Kid
The Oklahoma Kid Trick Roping Entertainment
Ronnie Milsap and George Strait's Ace in the Hole Band for the
Elk City 75th Anniversary Rodeo.
The Oklahoma Kid pulled off some very
increasable Trick Roping stunts off the
back of a flat bed above his head
during the parade held in Grove OK for
the pelican festival. Thanks to Tadd
who coordinated the show,  everyone in
attendance had a great time.
Cowboy Comedian. He is also a  fourth generation lasso spinning
artist. This trick roping cowboy has been in entertainment  business
for over 25 years. He has been performing cowboy rope tricks
publicly every since the age of 9 years old. Tipton has perfected his
cowboy lasso spinning performance after decades of training. He also
has relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his
Grandmother McSpadden so its no wonder why trick roping and
humor in his blood. If you interested how to hire a lasso rope
spinning cowboy and humorist  or need western theme party ideas
contact Tipton Productions on how to book a performance today.
Performances booked nationwide and beyond year around.
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