Mission Statement: The Medical Center Volunteers
provide support and non-clinical care to the patients
and families of OU Medical Center, and endorse our
hospital's mission to value compassion, quality
care, and teamwork.
The Oklahoma Kid will be speaking at  Cattleman's Restaurant in Oklahoma
city in support of OU Medical Center Volunteer program coming April 15th.
If your interested in helping others please visit
OU Medical Center Volunteer Services.
Tell them The Oklahoma Kid sent you.
(405) 271-5500 | Robert.Hamm@HCAhealthcare.com

And this coming April 15th I will be speaking in support of the OU Medical Centers Volunteer
Program at the Cattleman's Restaurant in the Oklahoma city Stock Yards. Our volunteers are the
best kind medicine by using their love and compassion to bring faith hope and love to people in dire
circumstances. Over the last eight years I have been blessed to be able to visit children's many
times. I understand some of what they are going through because of my personal experience when
I was a child. My poor health forced me to live in an oxygen tent for the better part of my sixth
year of life. During those times I didn't have much contact with the outside world and one day a
visitor brought me a trick rope and a cap gun which proved to be ingredients for my recovery as
well as my future stardom. There is nothing more satisfying that helping others and only true
happiness comes form the desire to do so.
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Cattleman's has been the meeting place
for many professional cowboys over the
years. As a boy I can remember stooping
by Cattleman's on my way to the National
Finals Rodeo and it being only second to
the rodeo its self.
This weekend at Chester's we are having an Okie
Sampler of Oklahoma's best. You don't want to miss this
one! Don't Walk Run this Weekend to Chester's this
Saturday right close to Piedmont Oklahoma!  Trust me
it will be worth your drive! We will have 15 raffle items
given away per hour. There will also be over 50 booths
and all kinds of activities for the Kids as well as the
adults. It will be one of Oklahoma's best gatherings of
the year and I will be there starting at 11am spinning
ropes. Come on out and give me a shout and I will teach
you a few roe trick. See you there!
Advanced Professional Trick Ropes may be purchased for those desiring to continue
practicing the art of rope spinning.
Professional Spinning ropes by 4-T by Saddle Co.

Professional Trick Ropes are a special 3/8" woven cotton spot cord that has been
treated and stretched for up to 30 days to provide the superb loop. These specially
designed ropes have a patented design and a core center that allows the rope to twist
naturally and un-wind in the palm of your hand. Every roper is manufactured to have a
consistent weight small or large loops. Every rope is inspected and tested.
2016 4-T Saddle Co. Professional Trick rope are available for order for summer 2016.
For more information on Trick Roping Lessons or 4-T Ropes email
Trick roping for beginners will include preparing your rope and warming up and stretching
and spinning basic loop spinning. Advanced ropers welcome. Lesson will include warming
up, stretching and spinning an actual trick roping ropes
will be supplied for each program.
Many young people ask the how
to do trick roping and he always
takes time to work with
beginners no matter were he is
and he even allows them to use
his ropes often giving them
success. I encourage our youth to become physically active and I do this
through a structured lesson in warming up, stretching and rope spinning.
Little known fact: In Los Angeles a (Trick Roping) Rope Spinning exercise class
is held throughout the year at the YMCA. There is really no trick to trick roping.
It is a skill similar to jump roping. It is acquired physical movement and
dedication to practice.
2016 OLS performance are a special rate of $300 so please email Jennifer your
dates and questions at the address below.
Thank you
or call 405-465-0022

Like Will Rogers, the Kid uses an uplifting saying in his public performances:
"It's not always how fast you run or how high you climb;
it's how high you bounce."
Book your summer
library  presentation
Now! Call (405) 465-0022
Disney hosted Anna, Elsa and
the Oklahoma Kid who appeared  
Tipton has been a working with
the facility for many years
providing trick ropes and smiles.
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County Sheriff John Whetsel
Supporting Camp Cavett together.
Cole C. Eslyn former CEO,
O.U. Medical Center
Oklahoma Governor
Mary Fallin and first man Wade
mansion on occasion in support of
our great state.
George Bush Sr. Awarded Marty (Oklahoma Kid) the
Presidential Metal of Honor for rescuing children
out of the Rep. Panama from child abduction.
Tipton has worked with Laura Bush in support of
education since then.
Friends of The Oklahoma Kid
arriving at the medical center the
and transplant patients.
HERE..for more info..
Tipton was the guest speaker in
Washington along with Donna Brazil
Democratic presidential advisor.
Kiowa Indian Summer Festival
September 17th
The Autry Museum
Will Rogers Follies
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Oklahoma Land Rush
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Performance Entertainment
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Join the citizens of Perkins and surrounding area for the annual Old Settler's Day
event. Home of the original Frank Eaton (Pistol Pete) and the Oklahoma
Territorial Plaza, Perkins has many attractions that will interest people of all ages.
Saturday's festivities include the annual parade, vendor alley, a food truck court,
kid zone, baking contest and auction, 3rd annual hot dog eating contest, free
photo booth of fun and amazing entertainment.

Enjoy various festival games at Old Setter's Day in Perkins and don't miss the
event's annual parade. Floats and parade participants will line up downtown and
marching bands, Native American dress, tractors, bikes, vehicles, floats, horses
and more.

Come to Old Settler's Day and enjoy lots of fun and family activities. Stick around
for the Hot Dog Eating Contest and Bake Sale/Auction and show off your
throwing arm at the dunk tank. Kids will enjoy the covered wagon race while the
adults will love Vendor Alley, which is filled with handmade items and unique
crafts. Have lunch at the Food Truck Court for a delicious and easy meal when
you get hungry.
Activities run from throughout the morning down town Perkins OK
Perkins Oklahoma
Sept. 24th 2016
Parade Starts 9am