Washington DC Botanical Gardens
Donna Brazile (born December 15,
1959) is an American author, academic,
and political analyst who is Vice
Chairwoman of the Democratic National
Committee. She was the first African
American to  be the head of and direct
a 9 major presidential campaign, acting
as campaign manager for Al Gore in
2000. She briefly served as interim
Chair for the DNC in the spring of 2011.
Along with Valerie Jarrett, Senior
Advisor to the President of the United
States, she is one of the real-life
political figures to cameo as herself in
the CBS drama The Good Wife.
Donna Brazile
My trip was during the Oboma Administration I traveld to DC to
represent the State of Oklahoma sponsored by Stanford University
Jill Tipton & Donna Brazile
D.C. market shopping
These Greek looking buildings in Washington were all over the
place. There were so many I couldn't count them all. Quite a lot
of money went into making all these cement fortress so these
people could feel safe and figure out how to sped the peoples
tax dollars.  I do admit they are breath taking and beautiful. Just
hope we don't end up like Rome.

"If cement and mortar were the cost of freedom then we should have
plenty of it
after seeing the forts built in DC." Marty Tipton stated
after visiting Washington D.C. for Stanford Studies
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