History Note: MUST READ
Tipton Productions rebuilt the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show in
Pawnee Oklahoma that is still running today from the ground
up. The production company been orchestrating Pawnee Bill
Shows for over a Century. It has over 3000 guest nightly for its
summer performances. The production traveled nation wide
and is still in operation today  decades later. Raymonds Tipton
dedication to authenticity made the it a successful.
Tipton Entertainment produced the Annual United States, Mexico, Canadian Lottery
Commission Banquet. The venue had 50 authentic  Native American live
performers representing each tribe in Oklahoma. Also attending was the Emmey
award winning flute player John Two Hawks.
Decorating by
Shawnee Floral &
Line Dancing Host
Looking to have fun? Get line dancing host
for your next venue is a must.
Hors d'oeuvre
Marty & Raymond Tipton
Third and Fourth Generation
Entertainment Producers
Native American Dancers,
Singers, Drummers.
Tipton arrange to
have Native
American symbols
spot lights shown
on the wall of the
History Center  as
seen here.
Productions include
woman, men,
children dancers.
Professional Cowboy  Reenacters,
Gunfighters, Solon Girls
Dancing Cowgirl Entertainment
teaching Line dancing to groups.
Norman Chamber
Senator Cal Hobson

Have your boss go on stage for a
little fun at your next gathering.
Fairs & Festivals
Heritage Events
Historical Events
Educational Programs
Outdoor Festivals
Church Venues
Fund Raisers
Holiday Parties
Engagement Parties
Grand Openings
Sports Events
Professional Sports
(Pre-game, Halftime,
Art & Craft Shows
Church Venues
Banquets College
Class Reunions
Family Reunions
many more
Tipton is a mediator and representative for
Native American tribes.
CEO Aerospace Company
Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper &
Cowboy Comedian. He is also a  fourth generation lasso spinning
artist. This trick roping cowboy has been in entertainment  business
for over 25 years. He has been performing cowboy rope tricks
publicly every since the age of 9 years old. Tipton has perfected his
cowboy lasso spinning performance after decades of training. He
also has relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his
Grandmother McSpadden so its no wonder why trick roping and
humor in his blood. If you interested how to hire a lasso rope
spinning cowboy and humorist  or need western theme party ideas
contact Tipton Productions on how to book a performance today.
Performances booked nationwide and beyond year around.
Aerospace banquet in Tulsa Oklahoma
Lottery Commission Banquet
of entertainment from Native American Dancers, Gun Fighters, Tick Shooting artist, Medicine
Man Shows,  Western Dancers, local Country Bands also 5 Star Catering, Set Decoration,
Sound and Lighting and much more. We also offer  event management and event planning.  
We will provide everything you need to have an outstanding event.
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