Mentoring Initiative Oklahoma
Foundation for Excellence
It is not always how fast you run or how
high you climb but how you bounce.
Give the world the best you have by putting
yourself out there and living life. Don't
merely be a spectator. Nothing compares to
living life, rather than merely watching it.
Yes, it takes daring and a willingness but its
be so worth it - despite the bumps and
scratches and bruises along the way.
The Oklahoma Kid and Kevin Duants mother Wonda are supporters
of the
Foundation of Excellence ~ David and Molly Boren
Mentoring Initiative. Over the last 8 years Kid has been attending
functions to support education system in Oklahoma.
"We have the best bunch of young adults in the world and
cultivating their education is our number one priority. Change
starts at home." Tipton
Berverly Woodrome & Tipton
David and Molly Boren
Mentoring Initiative
KD and Mother Wada Pratt
Wanda Pratt learning to
spin a rope with Tipton
FOrmer Thunder NBA superstar Kevin Durant's Mother Wanda
and the champion trick roper the Oklahoma Kid (Marty Tipton)
gathered at the state capital this week to support the
Oklahoma Foundation of Boren Mentoring Initiative to promote
the growth and development of initiative grew out of David
Boren’s own commitment to mentoring and the proven impact
that mentoring can have on a student’s success in and out of
the classroom.
Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper &
Cowboy Comedian. He is also a  fourth generation lasso spinning
artist. This trick roping cowboy has been in entertainment  
business for over 25 years. He has been performing cowboy rope
tricks publicly every since the age of 9 years old. Tipton has
perfected his cowboy lasso spinning performance after decades of
training. He also has relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by
way of his Grandmother McSpadden so its no wonder why trick
roping and humor in his blood. If you interested how to hire a
lasso rope spinning cowboy and humorist  or need western theme
party ideas contact Tipton Productions on how to book a
performance today.
Performances booked nationwide and beyond
year around.